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Welcome to our experience!

Welcome to our experience!

Donations of the opening ceremony to Make-A-Wish
Make-A-Wish fulfills the wishes of children in the age between 3 to 18 years with a life threatening illness. Fulfilling the greatest wish has a special effect on every child, but especially children with a life-threatening illness. It gives these children, who are often focused on their illness, the possibility to be a child again for a moment, without any worries. For their future, realizing a dream can mean a world of difference. We, Euro Offshore, Euro Offshore Services, Rikkers Zeilmakerij and Biesbosch Adventures support this initiative and ask for your help to support Make-A-Wish as much as possible.

Strong team behind every wish
Fulfilling a greatest wish requires a lot of effort and creativity, all wishes are highly customized. There is a powerful organization of volunteers, who carefully supervise all steps in the process. Great care has to been taken since it relates to children and young people in a vulnerable position. The fulfillment of a greatest wish is a once in a lifetime experience, therefore everything has to run as smooth as possible.

Awaken inner strength
The purpose of the wish fulfillment is to awaken the inner strength of children. Inner strength that often has been limited because of their worries, anxiety and hospital treatment predominate in their lives. The child’s imagination sets the content of desire, making every wish is also unique. The organizations also ensure that parents and siblings are involved in the wish fulfillment, so that everyone can enjoy this experience. A custom made wish fulfillment, with great attention paid to every detail. The result is an unforgettable experience for all involved, a memory for a lifetime.

The more money, the more wishes fulfilled
The goal of Make-A-Wish the Netherlands is to provide all children with a life threatening illness a wish come true. Besides time and highly skilled volunteers, also money is needed to make the wishes of these people come true. Besides the organisations of these experiences, also Make-A-Wish takes all costs for their account. So, the more money, the more wishes will be fulfilled every year.

Soccer club Kozakken Boys
The soccer club Kozakken Boys in Werkendam and Make-A-Wish work together for many years to raise funds for this foundation. It is the soccer club who made us aware of this foundation and we thank them very much for this suggestion of which we are proud to support.

If you would like to donate to this foundation, of whatever amount, if will be very much appreciated at the following bank details;

Account number: IBAN NL48 RABO 0366 0212 22
Reference: 22471