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Euro Offshore is moving to a new location


At Euro Offshore we are always looking for better products, materials and designs. An important recent step in this process is the moving to a new location, per 1 december 2014. The old location has helped us to grow for a long period of time, but because of all recent positive developments this has become too small. We are very happy to inform you with our new location at the Beatrixhaven 19, in Werkendam.

Although the new location is only 2 kilometres away from the old one, it has many advantages. For instance, we now have a bigger outside terrain of approximately 5000m2 with overhead cranes and we are located directly to the water. This allows us to launch the boats into the water without any extra costs and time to transport the boats. The production halls (together 1900m2) are equipped with an aluminium/stainless steel workplace, electrical installations and a wood shop.

Furthermore, we have a office for our financial department and to receive our clients.

Down below you’ll find photo’s of our new location.